What ingredients are in Baby Formula – Is it good for my baby?


baby formula ingredients

Many people say that nothing in a million years can come close to breastfeeding. There are many who say that it gives your baby the very best start in life. Well amazing advances have been made in the world of baby formula. I know that some parents are dead against baby formula and there are even some who see baby formula as nothing more than baby junk food. I think this may be a little harsh as there are some ladies who simply cannot breastfeed.

With that being said though what exactly is in baby formula. I am sure that no mater where you live in the world you will see a ton of commercials on TV from a range of different baby formula manufacturers. There really is no shortage of these and they all tell you the science mumbo jumbo of why there formula has all the things that your baby could possible need. With that being said though many of us despite these commercials have no clue on what exactly is in baby formula. Today we are going to have a look at what is in some baby formulas and try and figure out what is in them and if its good for the baby.

whats in baby formulaThe majority of formulas are based on cows milk, but a baby cannot drink just normal cows milk so it needs to go through some serious processing in big evil laboratories. The two main things that happen are that the protein and minerals inside the cows milk need to be radically reduced. As well as this the carbs need to be increased. The way the carbs are increased the majority of time is by increasing the amount of sugar in the milk.

While it is not just regular sugar thrown in there. Baby formula is highly sweetened. As well as this they throw a ton of various different vitamins into baby formula that they all claim will do wonders for your baby. I am not saying that they do not do great things for your babies growing bodies, but you have to remember all these ingredients are cooked up in a lab somewhere and are not all natural ingredients.ingredients in baby formula

The most worrying thing about baby formula is the I guess what you could call small print. Now this is vary rare, but some formulas have been know to have warnings on the packaging that tell you they could have been in contact with contaminated glass, little buts of metal and some industrial chemicals. This may sound incredibly alarming, but the chances of something like this being in there are very rare.

So the question was what is in baby formula? Well after doing some research I am more confused than ever. There actually is a ton of info detailing every little vitamin and every little mineral that is in modern baby formula, but unless you actually know what these things are chances are you are just going to be even more confused.

For me as a parent with two boys who were raised on baby formula I can say that there were never any issues. There was no concerns what so ever. And it is said that modern baby formula is even better.

If you would like to learn more about whats in your baby formula check out this video.

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