Some Old and Some New Similac Coupons For June 2013

I’ve been searching for new Similac coupons, rebates or checks for June. I managed to find a few that you might be interested in and I’ve also listed some other websites were you can find moms looking to trade or giveaway Similac checks. As I find more promotions I’ll keep updating this post but for now this is all I got!

I’ve already posted the first two Similac coupons I’ll mention last month but they are still available so I figured I’d mention them again as there aren’t to many new one’s yet for this month. First was the $2.25 off Similac Simply Smart bottle coupon and the Smart Bottle coupon for $2.85 off both are printable coupons and can be found at

Similac baby bottle coupon

Similac baby bottle coupon

Next up I’ve heard that at CVS there is a $2 Similac Ready to Feed coupon via ECB ( limit 1) online price is $7.99 for the newbies ECB means Extra Care Bucks — these are the vouchers you get with your recipts at any CVS store.

Finally I’ve found several fourms again this month were moms are trying to trade or giveaway their Similac checks. If these Similac checks have been scooped up try searching within each fourm for new one’s.

  1. Trade four Similac checks exp 6/26 visit for more details
  2. I have 3 $5 checks that expire on June 26th.  Who wants them??? visit: for more details
  3. I have 4 $5.00/1 any similac formula checks. All expire on 6/26/2013 Visit : for more detials

Be careful when using the above blogs there’s many great people on these sites who often trade coupons and vouchers with others but there are also some scammers. You can never be to careful, I usually only deal with older members and most sites have ratings for members. I usually never deal with new members!

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