Similac Promotions – 10 New Coupons For September!

First up I headed over to the Bargain Bin Betty Database and searched for “Similac” the database turned up several new coupons available this week from Ibotta. I posted the search results below so you can see what’s available. I then checked Publix and Kroger for any deals without much success.

Next I checked out Amazon Coupons page for any new Similac coupons for September and found two currently available that will save you 35% off this week if you are a Subscribe and save member.

 I also had a look on the Mom’s For Similac Coupons Facebook Page  lot’s of mom’s giving away coupons or wanting to trade. Also saw that Cierra had a Target coupon emailed to her she shared it on the Facebook page. 

If anyone else has found a deal like this please share it ! I’ll keep looking for other deals and will keep this page updated over the rest of the month!