My List of Similac Coupons For February!

Using the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database I found 11 new coupons from Target and Ibotta. I love when there are this many coupons to choose from. The database get’s updated daily so I’d suggest you do your own search to get the most up to date results. Check out the table below for details on these coupons.

Next up I checked out Amazon  for any new offers which turned up six new coupons for up to 40% off your order of Similac Infant, Alimentum or Go and Grow formula. That’s an amazing deal so might be worth it to stock up.

You might also wanna check out the Mom’s For Similac Coupons Facebook Group to see what people were sharing this week. There were a lot of people looking to trade coupons as well as give them away there, also a few more coupons posted for November too. If you haven’t joined the group yet you should. It’s a great way to network with other people looking to save on Similac formula.

Here’s some deals other people have found this week :

Amy says: Bjs still has the best price on similac in bulk 😁

Chassady says :  On the larger cans of similac at target its buy 2 get a $10 gift card or smaller cans are 20% off. Target also randomly does spend $75 on baby and get a $15 gift card and combine it with similac checks its a great deal!

One last thing to mention this month if you haven’t signed up for the Similac Rewards Program yet, make sure you do it’s a great way to get coupons and free samples mailed to you. I linked to a post I wrote a while back about the top 10 rewards programs that you should sign up to get free samples and coupons. Hopefully you find this useful.

If you’ve found a promotion I’ve missed or want to network with a ton of other people looking for Similac coupons then make sure you check out the Facebook page.

My List of Similac Coupons For January !

Using the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database I searched for Similac coupons and the database spit out several deals from Target Cartwheel and Ibotta.  I also saw some of these Target Cartwheel promotions shared in the Facebook Group. I took a screen shot of my search results from the Database and posted it below.

Next up I checked out Amazon today and found three coupons listed there. Including :

  • 35% off Similac with HMO ( subscribe and save member)
  • 25% off Similac Ready to Feed with HMO
  • 35% off Similac Go and Grow with HMO 

You might also wanna check out the Mom’s For Similac Coupons Facebook Group to see what people were sharing this week. There are plenty of people posting coupons to trade or giveaway. Also lot’s of coupons are being posted that people have found at various retail stores. Here’s a few examples from today:

Ruth Mcanally says :

Hey I went to walmart today touse a 3.00 coupon and a 10.00 check on the single serve powders which are 14.94 and they would not let me use both. they said that they can only take one coupon per product? has anyone else had this problem or know who I can contact about this. to get a copy of the coupon policy.

Mandy says:

UFT Expired Enfamil checks and Similac Coupons
Any offers welcome!

There are lot’s more these were just a few examples so check out the group. I’ll keep an eye on Publix this week they haven’t had a new coupon for a while so they should have something soon. If anyone else finds one please post if in the group or on our main  Facebook page.