Similac Formula Giveaway For September!

This month we will be using Rafflecopter for our Similac formula giveaway this should make it super easy to see how many people have entered how many entries you have and at the end of the month who won. Not to mention make it a whole lot easier for me to keep track of everything along the way 🙂

If your not interested in our Giveaway and are just looking for new formula coupons for September we’ve posted several new Enfamil coupons and this printable Similac coupon for this month. There are also some great savings in our “Featured deals section” you may want to check out.

What’s Being Given away!

This month I’ll be Giving away a 24 oz tub of Similac Advance Powder baby formula you can enter by liking us on Facebook, leaving a comment below, following us on twitter or sharing our giveaway on your blog. To  enter see our Rafflecopter giveaway below also remember the more points you have the better your chance of winning!

Similac Formula Giveaway

Similac Baby Formula Giveaway

Welcome to our monthly Similac formula giveaway. I’ve been thinking of ways to reward my readers for a while and recently decided that hosting a giveaway would be a great way to help out with the ever mounting cost of feeding your family! I’ll be hosting a new

giveaway each month via our giveaway’s page, so make sure you check in regularly for new promotions and giveaways!

What I’m Giving away!similac giveaways

  •  One container of Similac Advance Early Shield baby formula 34 oz – retail value $34.99 each and every month!

Note: The winner each month can let me know the specific type of  Similac formula they use and I’ll try to accommodate you!

How To Enter and Win!

I want to make it easy for everyone to enter this giveaway so I’ve added multiple ways to enter.  You can do anyone of the things below to enter the more you enter the better chance you have of winning. I’ll pick the winner at the end of the month the more points you have the better chance of winning!

    1. “Like” us on our Facebook page at gets you ( 5 points)
    2. Share my giveaway on your blog gets you a whopping (40 points) – Make sure you send me a message or leave a comment to let me know about your post!
    3. Send out a daily tweet about our Similac giveaway (2 points) – Message me your tweet or leave it in our comments section
    4. Subscribe to our blog below ( 5 points)
    5. Leave a comment below letting everyone know about a formula or baby food coupon you’ve found and were! If you don’t see a comment box click here and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. ( 5 points) – make sure you leave us your email and name!

Giveaway Restrictions

  • Must be a US or Canadian Resident
  • The winner will be notified via email and announced on our facebook page and via our monthly newsletter!
  • Start date June 7th 2012 end date July 7th 2012

Dont forget to check out these recent formula coupons I’ve posted and visit our featured deals of the month section were I’ve added some cheap places to purchase baby formula online!

Good Luck to everyone if you have any quetions you can email me via our contact us page!