Printable Enfamil Coupons – January 2013

There are some new Enfamil offers to take advantage of for January. These include a printable enfamil coupon for $5 off, several free samples and five people wanting to trade or giveaway enfamil coupons. I’ve posted links to all these offers and details including expiry dates below.

I found a $5 off printable Enfamil coupon via the company homepage, I’m not to sure when this one expires as it doesn’t say on the site however I know from past coupons usually there is a print limit so print it fast while you still can. Coupon is limited to one per household. To print the Enfamil coupon visit :

Enfamil coupon january 2013

Trading Enfamil Coupons

Every month I put together a list of form post that I’ve found where moms are looking to trade Enfamil and Similac coupons. Some times people even post one’s they are willing to give away. I’ve found several which I’ve listed below if you’ve got a few extra similac coupons to trade check the below links out.

  • Has 4 $4/1 Enfamil coupon checks to trade visit :
  • This person has got a Enfamil Sample pack and would like to trade or giveaway everything in the sample pack for Similac coupon for more into check out :
  • Has Several Enfamil coupons to trade for more details visit :
  • Has several Enfamil coupons wanting to trade for some Similac coupons but willing to giveaway if you don’t have Similac coupons to trade visit :

Enfamil Free Samples

If you want to try out  Enfamil baby formula but you don’t want to buy an entire tin, you can get a whack of free samples right now from I’ve listed all the samples below that you can get:

  • Enfamil Newborn
  • Enfamil Premium Infant
  • Enfagrow Premium
  • Enfamil Gentlease
  • Nutramigen

Enfamil free samples


Well that’s everything I’ve found for this month If you’ve come across another Enfamil coupon or promotion I’ve missed post it in our comments section and don’t forget to link to where you found it 🙂 Thanks

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