Picking The Right Baby Formula For Your Baby – 3 Basic Types

how to choose best baby formula

You may think that before you have a baby all you have to do is make the simple decision breast or bottle. Well my friend I am sorry to tell you this, but if you choose baby formula then the choices do not stop there. Far from it as a mater of fact. You very rarely can watch TV without at least one advertisement from some company telling you why there baby formula is the best. It can be a really confusing choice.

The first time I was sent out to pick up some baby formula by my wife I went to the store and I asked the lady for some baby formula she asked which brand. I thought I was super dad because I actually knew the brand, but then she asked what form of formula………………………………………………………

All those dots are to represent the long uncomfortable pause that resulted from her asking me that question. Form of formula. What you mean there is more than just milk? Yes my friend that was my first and last solo run to the store to pick up baby formula I have since learned a great deal about the various types of baby formula. So much that when we had out 2nd child I could now put my head down and try to get past the lady in the store I had made an ass out of my self a couple of years earlier and pick the right one off the shelf.

Anyway enough of my life story. I want to share a few thoughts on picking the right one for your baby. There are three basic forms of formula (which I now know) and lets take a look at each one.

1.Ready To Use

This one is the lazy mans dream. Ok I am kidding, but it certainly is the most convenient out of the three. There is no setting up a science lab in your kitchen to mix various things to make the perfect formula. All you need to do here is open and serve and that is all.

It is also great if you are out and about as it requires no water so you never need to worry about using some disgusting places water to make a feed for your baby.

While it certainly is convenient it does have a couple of notably downfalls. Cost is probably the major one. Ready to use formula is sometimes as much as 25 percent more expensive than the other types. As well as this it has a really short shelf life once it has been opened.

2. Liquid Concentrate Formula

The basic idea of this is that you mix the liquid with water to make a feed for your baby. It is a little easier to use than the powder formula, but not as easy as ready to use. However it is much cheaper and take sup a great deal less space than ready to use formula does.

3.Powdered Formula

This is the cheapest and requires the least amount of storage space out of the three formulas. powder baby formulaIt also has a good month long shelf life once you open the can up.

One downside to this is mixing the powder with the water. I am sure I am not alone here when I say that I wasted a ton of the powder by spilling it. Of course this could be me just being a moron, but what are the chances of that. You also need to make sure that you measure it perfectly or else the milk is runny or it is too thick.

I’ve also found a great video on youtube that helps explain the differences in baby formula and how to choose the best one for your baby check it out below.

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