Over $80 in Enfamil Savings This Month !

First up Amazon has 9 new coupons for November including :

  1. $10 off Enfamil Newborn Baby Formula 
  2. $1.50 off Enfamil Vitamins 
  3. $5 off Enfamil Prosobee RTU
  4. $6 off Enfagrow RTD 6 pack 
  5. $5 off Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula
  6. $15 off Enfamil Primium Infant Formula 
  7. $5 off Enfamil AR RTU 
  8. $5 off Enfamil Enfacare 
  9. $20 off Enfamil Enspire (6 tubs)

These should be valid till the end of the month and can be redeemed when you purchase directly from Amazon.

Next up using the  Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database I was able to find several coupons being offered on Ibotta and Target Cartwheel. Posted a screen shot of the search results below! 

You can check out these offers on Ibotta 

and at Target Cartwheel @ https://cartwheel.target.com/

Also Rouget a fan on our Facebook page says she found a deal at her local Super store in nanaimo 600g a+ powder for $29 anyone else find a good sale to report ?

If you’ve found another deal I’ve missed please share it via our Facebook page! I’ll keep searching for more promotions as the month progresses.