New Similac Checks/Coupons – July 2013

Similac Stong Moms Program

 If your looking for Similac checks  or coupons for July I’ve compiled a list below. To be honest I wasn’t able to find much this month but that being said I did find several moms trading and giving away Similac checks and a prenatal and Similac baby bottle coupon that was also available last month.

First up I want to mention the Similac StrongMoms program if your not already a member you should definitely sign up for this. It’s free to sign up and is a great way to get free Similac formula samples, coupons and checks. When you first sign up you will be sent a gift pack including over $300 samples and coupons. For more information about this check out Similac StrongMoms Program Details

Next up there are still two printable Similac coupons available from Coupon Network. The first one will save you just under $3 off a pack of prenatal vitamins and the other will save you just over $2 off a new similac baby bottle! To print these visit

Similac Prenatal Care coupons May

 If your looking for checks or have a few to trade check out either one of the two sites listed below, there is no shortage of moms on these two blogs willing to trade or giveaway Similac checks they’ve gotten in the mail and have no need for. Both blogs have a great community that are very helpful.


That’s all for now don’t forget to share any promotions you may come across!

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