My List Of Similac Coupons For August!

The first place I looked this month for coupons for Similac was the Similac Facebook group. It’s got over 600 members now and everyone is sharing the coupons they find. It’s been amazing seeing everyone help out.

I’ll list just a few coupons that have been shared for August :

Reagon says : Target has a special on powder formula right now. I think it’s buy two, get a $15 gift card.

Laurie says : I have been able (2x so far) to purchase 3 cans (34.9oz) of Similac at 35% off on amazon! I subscribe & save most of my baby items bc you get an extra 20% off! Something to consider & keep checking for!
I check weekly to see if the deal is back but I think you can only get it 1x a month per account so anyone I know with s&s I just ask to also order for me.

Jess says : Found a target deal get a Free $10 gift Card when you buy Similac Pro Advanced or Similac Pro Total Comfort


Next up I headed over to the Coupon Database at I found four coupons offered by Ibotta. These include $6 off Pure bliss, $2 off Similac Infant formula, $3.50 off Pro Advance or Pro Sensitive formula and $4 off Go and Grow. Head over to Ibotta to get these discounts or check out the Coupon Database and do your own search as new coupons are always being added to it. I took a screen shot of my search results and posted it below !

I check out the deals on Amazon and found three new coupons being offered :

These are usually good till the end of the month.

Looks like my local Publix store also has a coupon available this week that will save me $5 off when I buy 2 Similac Infant formula or Go and Grow Powder Toddler drink valid till August 22nd 2018. Here’s a link to where I found the coupon

That’s if for today I’ll keep searching for more deals. If you’re interested in saving money on Similac make sure you join our Facebook Group so you don’t miss any coupons posted in the future.