My List Of Similac Coupons

After doing a shout out for coupons on the Facebook page, Amy posted a deal from Target she found. I think you’ll want to take advantage of this one while it still last. Until Saturday Target has a sale going on if you buy $100 worth of formula you will receive a $20 gift card. From how I understand it you can buy anything baby related diapers, formula, wipes…

I also found some good deals on Amazon today if you join their subscribe and save program you can save up to 33% off formula. I liked directly to the page where these deals are posted. Hopefully this helps!

Next I found two coupons on the Publix website that will save you $10 off Similac Infant formula powder when you buy two cans. and $5 off Similac Infant formula ready to feed when you purchase 3. Both of these can be found here

Next up I found a $5 cash back coupon from Ibotta that can be used when you purchase Similac Pure bliss formula. Head over to the website and simply search for Similac in the search bar.

I found this $1 off coupon for listed on the Kroger website that will save you $1 when you purchase formula, baby bottles and powder packs. For full details and to clip the coupon head over to their website.

Last up if your having trouble finding coupons I’d suggest you check out the Facebook page and or our Facebook Group. They are both great places to find, trade and network with other moms and dads looking for coupons.

That’s everything I’ve found so far for March, I’ll keep searching and will update you as I find more offers.