List Of Similac Coupons For March – Save Up To 35% Off

I used the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database to search for deals on Similac formula and found 11 coupons from Target and Ibotta again for March. I love when there are this many coupons to choose from. The database get’s updated daily so I’d suggest you do your own search to get the most up to date results. I’ve posted a screen shot my search results below for you.

Next up I checked out Amazon and they currently have three coupons for up to 35% off when you purchase HMO, Ready To Feed or Go and Grow formula. Posted a picture of the three coupons I found. Follow the link above to clip the coupons.

I was looking at the flyer for Publix this morning and found this Similac Infant formula coupon that will save you $5 off when you buy two Similac Go and Grow tins. See coupon @ for details. This one expires on the 6th of March 2019 so get in to Publix fast to use this one.

You might also wanna check out the Mom’s For Similac Coupons Facebook Group to see what people were sharing this week. There were a lot of people looking to trade coupons as well as give them away there, also a few more coupons posted for March too. If you haven’t joined the group yet you should. It’s a great way to network with other people looking to save on Similac formula

Another way to get coupons and free samples directly from Similac is to sign up for the Similac Rewards Program . I linked to a post I wrote a while back about the top 10 rewards programs that you should sign up to get free samples and coupons. Hopefully you find this useful.

If you’ve found a promotion I’ve missed or want to network with a ton of other people looking for Similac coupons then make sure you check out the Facebook page.