Is My Baby Allergic To Formula – How to tell in 4 steps?

Babies are little bundles of joy who love there milk. There are some babies who are actually allergic to some formulas. It not baby allergythe whole formula that 9/10 they are allergic to. It is usually of the ingredients in the formula rather than the whole thing. Cows milk protein is the thing that most common allergy that babies will have. Studies have also shown that roughly 50 percent of babies who are allergic to cows milk will also be allergic to soya based formula.

There are a few signs that your baby is allergic to formula that are quite obvious and easy to spot. There of course is the baby being sick. Just like adults if they have an allergic reaction to something they eat they will throw it up. As well as this you may notice issues with there skin such as a rash or hives as well as this it may bring out eczema.

There are a few other not quite so obvious things that you can look out for also. You want to look for these just after you start the feeding or just once it has been finished. Look to see if the baby is more fussy than usual or in some kind of discomfort. Another sign can be that your baby is more gassy than usual. Your babies stool may very well be a indicator that there is some kind of an allergic reaction also.

It is important to make sure that you realise that just because your baby has an allergic reaction to one particular brand of formula that they will have this same reaction to all the different brands. Do a little research. If your baby is allergic to one brand check online to see if another parents made a successful switch to another brand of formula. Also your doctor will be a huge help here as they will no doubt also be able to tell you what kind of formula you should try. I would always recommend checking with your doctor before making the jump to a new formula.

Many scientists are claiming that these days formula is every bit as good for your baby as breastfeeding is. Well I think its fair to say that the majority of these scientist making these claims probably work for one of the formula companies. That may be a little harsh as the improvements in baby formula over the years really have been staggering. Yet there are still those who will argue until they are blue in the face that for at least the first six months that all babies should be breastfeeding. For more info about allergies your baby may have check out this article “signs of allergies to infant formula”

Heres is a great video that explains how to identify and deal with allergic reactions your baby may be having to formula.

Of course breastfeeding is not for every mother out there and at the end of the day no one has the right to judge. Just always remember that all babies are different and there are a ton of different formulas out there. So there is always going to be one formula that suits your baby perfectly.

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