How Much Formula Does My Baby Need?

baby formula feedingIt can be one thing to master the art of making baby formula. It can be another to know exactly how much your baby needs. All babies are different. So I am not going to sit here and tell you that your baby should be consuming so much per day. Some babies are real big eaters and others are not. For the most part babies will eat when then are hungry and stop once they are full. There are some babies though that are just like food monsters my son for example I am sure he would have let us juts attach the baby formula to a drip and feed him non stop all day.

Your Babies Weight

Your babies weight actually is the easiest way to determine how much formula you should be given them. There is quite a simple rule here. You would give them 2 and half ounces of formula for each pound of there body weight.

If I have explained that terribly then look at it like this. A ten pound baby would have 25 ounces in a 24 hour time frame. A six ounce baby would have around 15 ounces.

This is not a set in stone law that if you dare stray way from you will find your self behind bars. Just use this as a starting point to give yourself some kind of idea. Your baby very well may want a little more or a little less.


You will learn how hungry your baby is as time goes by. A new born baby has a really cool alarm that goes off whenever they are hungry. This alarm sounds like a eardrum piercing cry that you can hear from every corner of the house.

When your baby has a growth spurt they will probably be more hungry. So do not be shocked if very once and a while they are just craving more and more hungry baby

You will know if your baby wants more feed in quite a simple way. Once they have finished the bottle and you take it away. They will give you a look as if to say “what the hell are you doing get in the kitchen and make me some more” I would recommend here just making a very small feed because chances are they will not want a load more so you may end up with a load wasted.


If you are worried you are giving them to much formula. There is one easy way to know. Look at your shirt is it covered in vomit? Then this is a sign that they have had more than they can handle. Like any good bar tender you need to know when to cut someone off.

Remember that every cry is not always because they are hungry it could just be because they need a diaper change or maybe a little attention. Do not always be so quick to jump in with a bottle at every little whimper.

Truth be told knowing how much formula to give your baby is something that you will learn over time. As I said all babies are different and it may juts take a little while for you to get it just right. Below is a guide you can print off and use to keep track of how much your feeding your baby!

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baby formula feeding guide


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