Finding Similac Checks/Coupons for November 2012

November is here and once again I’m struggling to find any online printable similac coupons for you guys this month. It seems more and more that Enfamil has most of the coupons similac seems to stick with their cheques program I think. That being said don’t worry I still have a few great ways you can save on Similac.

Similac Strong Moms Program – Free Similac Checks!

First up if you havent signed up to the Similac Strong Moms Program I highly recommend you do. This is because they often send out Similac checks in the mail for $10 or more. These chekcs work in the same way as a printable similac coupon. You can redeem them at your local store when purchasing Similc baby formula. Not to mention they also give you a ton of free samples and other stuff the retail value of all the freebies they send out when you sign up is $329. We certainly made good use of all the free goodies when we had are first baby.Similac formula promotions

Trade Your Similac Checks/Coupons

There are some great sites online that allow moms to trade their Similac coupons and cheques with other moms. Why would Similac checkssomeone what to trade a coupon you ask. Well because Enfamil and Similac both send out cheques in the mail as part of their rewards program. If I sign up to both and trade my checks I get for one brand for the other I effectively get twice the amount of coupons. Also some people love to help others and give thier Similac cheques away for free to someone in need.

I’ve listed several blogs where I’ve found people trading or giving away Similac formula coupons this month. Hope this helps you guys: I also noticed craigslist has ton’s of moms listing Similac checks and coupons for trade so you may want to check your local area.

  1. Fast Trade* H: $15 similac checks
  2. Similac checks trade for Enfamil checks or giveaway
  3. $25 in Similac checks/coupons

Well thats all I have for you today, It’s to bad I couldn’t find any printable coupons for Similac formula I’ll keep looking and if I come across any later in the month I’ll be sure to update our blog with them.

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