8 New Similac Coupons For August!

The first thing I did this month was checked out the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database . I search for any new coupons listed in the database. My search show’s 5 new coupons from Ibotta, Smart Source and Publix. Check out the screen shot I posted below for details. This database get’s updated everyday. If your going to do your own search simply search for “Similac” in the search bar to see the available deals.

Next up I checked the Similac Amazon coupon page and looks like there is currently a 40% off Similac Ready to Feed Bottles. This may change so it’s always worth a second look. I also checked Costco, Target Cartwheel and Giant Eagle with no success.

Next I headed over to the Moms For Similac Coupons Facebook Group to see what other moms had already shared this week. Here’s a few things I found :

Jennifer says:

ISO: These coupons pictured below

UFT: Items pictured in comments!

Sarah says:

UFT: 8, $5 Enfamil Coupons

ISO: Similac Coupons

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There are plenty more these are just a few examples from the group this month. I’ll keep searching in my spare time and will post anything else I find here. Happy couponing everyone.