6 Ways To Save On Enfamil for July

Using the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database  I searched for “Enfamil” and it turned up 3 new coupons for July. offers from Ibotta and Target cartwheel are listed. For more details on these offers check out the screen shot of my search results below or head over to the websites listed to view each individual coupon.

Next up I checked Amazon for any new promotions. Looks like currently there is only 1 new coupon so far for July. This offer will save you 25% off Enfagrow premium Non GMO Toddler Transition Formula. You can view and clip this coupon by heading to the Amazon’s Enfamil Coupons page. I’ll keep checking this page to see if they post more coupon during the month.

Next up I checked the usual places, Publix, Costco, Giant Eagle didn’t find any new offers or sales. But I’ll keep looking! My final step was to check the Facebook Group and see what other people in the group had found.

Here’s a few people in the Facbook Group that are looking to trade:

Nino says :

2- $5 enfamil checks expire 10/19
8- 12.4 oz cans similac advance
5 expire 1/22
3 expire 11/21
1- 10oz enfagrow toddler next step expires 5/20
3- enfamil neuropro gentlease 
Expire 10/20,11/20,& 12/20
1- enfamil neuropro enfacare expire 7/20
1- 15.2oz enfamil neuropro gentlease refill expires 10/20
1- 20oz enfamil neuropro gentlease expire 11/20
1-32oz RTF enfamil neuropro Gentlease 11/19
6-8oz RTF enfamil neuropro Gentlease 11/19
All formula brand new never opened

I also have 3 pink dr Browns options bottles

Looking to trade for Similac pro total comfort (oz for oz as close to as I can) or can set up pay pal.

Brooke says :

UFT: 10 Enfagrow checks

4 expire in August- $5,$5,$3,$3
6 expire in October- $5,$5,$5,$8,$8,$8

ISO- Similac checks, similac pro sensitive, Starbucks coupons, Kohl’s cash, or gift cards

That’s everything I’ve been able to find for this month, I’ll keep searching for other deals. Please share anything you’ve found via the Facebook Group.