14 New Enfamil Coupons For June!

Getting started this month I headed over to the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database and searched for “Enfamil” in the database. That search turned up 6 new coupons for June including offers from Ibotta, Kroger, Target cartwheel, and Publix. Either head to these websites to view each individual coupon or do your own search in the database as new one’s get added daily. I’ve posted a screen shot of my search results below.

I then headed over to Amazon to see if they had any new coupons for June. Turns out there are 6 new one’s available this week. There are savings ranging from 25% to 10% off your purchase of formula. You can view and clip these by heading to the Amazon’s Enfamil Coupons page .

Publix has two coupons listed for June that included $6 off when you purchase two or more Enfamil or Enfagrow formula powder and $4 off when you purchase two or more packs of ready to use formula.

Another good place to find coupons is on the We Find Enfamil Coupons¬† Facebook Group. It’s a private group so you’ll need to join the group before you can post coupons you’ve found or see the deals other group members have found. There are plenty of people trading and sharing coupons they find there.

Here’s a few deals that have been shared in the Group:

Melissa says:

$10, (2) $5 Alimentum (exp. 7/18)
(6) $3 Enfamil (2 are expired, 4 exp. 7/31)
$10 Stop & Shop Calatina

ISO: Paypal – 3 stamp value

Christina Says :

4 pages of $5/$3 and 3 pages of $5/$8
Looking for $5 checks for Gentlease/any Enfamil

These are just a few deals that have been posted in the group. A word of caution here is be careful when trading and paying for coupons, there have been reports of people scamming in the group which anyone reported quickly get’s deleted from the group, Make sure you check the persons profile and it’s a real person you feel you can trust before dealing with them.

That’s it so far for this month, I’ll keep searching and will keep adding more coupons as I find them.