Several New Similac Coupons For May – Over $30 in savings!

If you’re looking for Similac coupons we’ve just started a private Facebook Group that allows you to share coupons with each other.  We’ll also post any coupons we find in this group so that you won’t miss any we post either.

For May Publix has a coupon available that will save you $5 off when you purchase three or more ready to feed 8 packs of Similac Infant formula. This coupon expires on May 30th 2018 and I found by searching for Similac in the search box at the top of the publix webstite.  Here’s the link to the coupon


This week Amazon has three new coupons for Similac including :

  1. $8 off Go and Grow Formula 
  2. 15% off Similac Pure Bliss Infant and Toddler Drink 
  3. $5 off Similac Kosher formula

Not to sure when these will expire but most likely they will be good till the end of the month!

Next I used the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database @ and it tuned up a ton of other coupons. There are two many to list so I’ve posted a screen shot of the search results below. The table should have all the information needed to find the coupons.

If you’ve found any more please please share them in our Facebook Group.