Save Up To $20 off Similac This Month!

This month I’ve managed to find 12 new coupons for Similac from retailers such as Amazon, Publix and Target to name a few. I’ve posted details below on what you’ll need to know and where to find each of these offers.

Amazon this month has several deals available including:

  1. $20 off Go and Grow Non GMO Formula
  2. 15% off Similac Pure Bliss Formula
  3. $15 off Similac Alimentum

These deals should be valid until the end of October.

Next up using the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database I was able to find several other coupons from retailers such as Ibotta, Check out 51, Target and Publix . Posted a screen shot of the search results below this should give you an idea of where to find each deal.

Anyone else find a good deal on Similac this month ? Please share it on our Facebook page I love when you guys can help out !