Save Up To $10 off Similac This Month !

First up Kroger is offering a :Similac Powder coupon August

  1. $2 off Similac Powder formula  coupon

This coupon expires on September 3rd 2016 and can be found at

Next up I used the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database to search for any new offers and it turned up six promotions including one from Target, two from Publix and three from Ibotta.  I’ve posted details of each of these in the table below. If you have any questions about these leave a comment below!

Similac coupons Bargain Bin

Finally Amazon  still has three coupons available for August including:

  1. $10 off Go & Grow Mix ins coupon 
  2. $10 off Go & Grow Vanilla Sticks 
  3. $1.50 off Prenatal Vitamins

These coupons have been available for a few months now not to sure when they will expire!

Similac Go & Grow coupon August

That’s everything I’ve been able to find so far, I’ll keep searching and post any more I find as I do. In the meantime if you see a promotion, sale or coupon please share it on our Facebook page. We would love your help finding coupons.