New Enfamil Coupons From Kroger – October 2014

I’ve got some good new’s after searching long and hard this month I finally managed to find a coupon for Enfamil. Some months are easier then others to find coupons and this is definatly a hard month. Anyways I’ve posted details below about the coupon please feel free to let me know about any Enfamil coupons you’ve found so that I can update this post with anymore available.

Kroger has 3 Enfamil coupons available for October including:

  • $3 off Enfagrow Powder Coupon – When you buy one 21 oz tin Expires October 30th 2014
  • $2 off Enfamil Ready To Use coupon – When you buy any six pack Expires October 31 2014
  • $2 off Enfamil or Enfagrow coupon – When you buy any large size powder tin Expires October 31 2011

To take advantage of any of these offers just head on over to

Enfamil and Enfagrow coupons Powder and Ready to use formula

That’s all I’ve found so far for October I’ll keep looking and update this post as I find more over the month.

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