Found 8 New Coupons for Enfamil For October!

I’ve been searching all day for new coupons this month, managed to find one on Amazon, two from Publix and 5 on Ibotta. Posted full details below. If you’ve found another one please share it with us !

First up I found only a single coupon on Amazon this week that will save you $1.50 off Vitamins :

  1. Save $1.50 off Enfamil Vitamins

This one should be valid till the end of the month and hopefully they will post some more in the next week.

I was having a real hard time finding any other coupons until I used the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database. Simply searched for Enfamil and up came 5 Ibotta rebates which I’ve never used anyone have an opinion on these ? It also turned up two Publix coupons which are printable and can be used at your local store which is great for anyone shopping local.

The two Publix coupons that I found using the database can be printed off at :  and included:

  1. $4 off Enfamil Ready to use Infant formula
  2. 2.50 off Enfamil, Enfagrow formula or next step milk drink

Has anyone else found a coupon or promotion I’ve missed this month, It was pretty hard finding deals this week so I would love your help. If you’ve found a deal please share it on our Facebook page