$55 in Enfamil Coupons For April – Time To Stock Up!

Got a few good ways to save on Enfamil this month thanks to everyone on the Facebook page for helping out. You guys managed to find and post four coupons on our Facebook page which was awesome. As I was having a really hard time finding any.  I’ve added them to this post and also shared any other’s I’ve found. If you guys find any more make sure you share them on our Facebook wall and I’ll keep searching this week for others. 

Let’s start with the one’s that you guys shared on the Facebook page!

First up Xela found four new coupons on Amazon this week that she shared! These include :

  1. $10 off Enfamil Premium Non GMO Gentlease Formula
  2. $10 off Enfamil Infant Formula 
  3. $15 off Enfamil Enspire Formula
  4. $10 off Enfamil A.R Formula 

Next up Laura found a Buy 3 Get $10 coupon for Enfamil this week at Target stores plus you can also use your Red Card to save an additional 5% off this month.  Thanks for finding this awesome deal Laura !! Found the link to this coupon at target.com/c/top-deals/-/N-4xw74 scroll down to the baby section and you should see it!

I checked the Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database and it didn’t turn up any other new one’s. I also checked Publix with little success. There was rumors of coupons at Walgreens but I was unable to find them so you might want to check your local store flyer.

I’m going to keep looking and will add anymore that I find throughout the month to this post. If you find others please share them on our Facebook page. Thanks