5 Surprising Facts About Formula Feeding – What every mother should know

Breast or formula is a question that many new mothers ask themselves. Sometimes it comes down to a personal preference. And other time it comes do really to there being no other choice than to go for formula. Baby formula has come a very long way. And while it may still be a little ways off from perfectly replicating natural breast milk. It is certainly better than it has ever been. With that being said there is more to baby formula than its convenience and cost. Here are a few facts about baby formula.facts about baby formula

Every Body Poops, But Formula Fed Babies Do It Different

The lets juts say deposits left inside your babies diaper are a direct result of what you are feeding them. When your baby fills there diaper after a formula feed it is quite different from a baby who is breast fed. Some parents who make the switch from breast to formula are shocked, horrified, and possibly scared for life by what is left in the babies diaper after a formula feed.

Most parents will tell you that a baby who is formula fed will have much more stronger and darker poops than a breast fed baby. The reason for the difference is quite simple and no different from us adults really. The body digests certain foods differently and breast milk and formula milk is no different.

Digestive Rate Is Different

One of the “benefits” of formula fed babies is that they can go longer between feeds. This has actually been proven to be a fact and there is a good reason for it.

Breast milk contains more things that make it digest faster than formula milk. There really is no big and deep scientific reason. Its just all to do with what makes up formula being different than breast milk.

Allergic Reaction

There are some babies out there who will have none of it when it comes to allergic reactionformula milk. Some babies are actually allergic to formula milk. Things that you will need to look out for as rashes, hives and possible the bringing on of eczema.

As well as this like us if they have a allergic reaction to something they eat then you better be prepared for it to come up. There are a ton of different baby formulas on the market and as all babies are different it could take a little while to find that one that really does suit your baby. If you have any concerns if you baby is allergic to the formula then you should certainly consult your doctor.

Why Is My Babies Stomach A Bottomless Pit!

It can be quite alarming when you are sat with other parents and little baby David sitting on his dads knee has just a couple of ounces and he is more than satisfied, but then your baby has downed 7 ounces and would happily have more. Is this a issue with the formula?

No not at all its just another case of all babies being different. So I really would not worry to much if your baby is consuming more or less formula than a friends baby.

Is It All The Same?

Well in a way yes the majority of baby formula will contain the same stuff, but there are subtle differences between some brands that can really help you out if your baby is allergic to ne particular brand. Every one has a diffent opinion I recenlty did a Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding – Whats the difference article that should clear up the differences.

These baby formula manufacturers are by law required to put certain things into there baby formula, but like I said its sometimes the little extras that can make a difference.  For more information about baby formula check out babycenter.com they’ve got tons of great reviews and information every parent should know about.



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