18 New Coupons for Similac Formula This Month !

For April there are several good coupons to take advantage of on Amazon. As well we found a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off deal and a Buy 3 Get $10 coupon from Target. See below post for full details ! Thanks to everyone who shared their coupons via our Facebook group to help make this post easier to put together ! 

First up for Similac coupons this month is Amazon! They’ve got 4 great formula coupons available for this month with potential to save big! Here’s what I found:

Act now to make the most of these savings as they expire at the end of the month!
Target also has some savings on Similac with a Buy One Get One 50% off sale on Similac’s Pure Bliss Infant Formula and Toddler Drink.

There is also a Buy 3 get $10 off deal that is valid on various Similac Formula posted a picture below on all the one’s it was valid on this offer expires on April 14th 2018

If anyone else finds a good deal or coupon feel free to share it on our Facebook page! I’ll keep searching for more deals and will update this post as I find them !